Hi Lovely, thank you for your interest in Body Wisdom Hormone Harmony. This transformational hormone health training will be launching soon!! In the meantime, you can sign up for our VIP waitlist.

What Is Hormone Harmony?

Hormone Harmony is a step-by-step comprehensive hormone health coaching group programme where I give you the tools, strategies, support, and community you need to overcome your hormone imbalances on your terms. 

This programme is perfect for you if...

........you're struggling with unexplained symptoms such as bloating, PMS, menstrual pain, absent period, low sex drive breast tenderness, hot flushing, mood swings and/or monthly breakouts and you feel confused and frustrated because no one if giving you any answers.  

Or you have been diagnosed with a hormone condition such as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Endometriosis, Migraines, Fibroids and you are feeling overwhelmed and stuck.  

Or you're going through the menopause and are looking for a way to support your body naturally so you can alleviate hot flushing, sleep problems and mood swings. You're wondering whether HRT is your only option and how else you can support your body.  

Or you've been struggling to conceive and your suspect it is linked to an imbalance in your hormones. You want to find a natural way to enhance your fertility.  

Whatever hormone havoc you are facing, Hormone Harmony will help you discover how you can rebalance your hormones on your terms. 

I'm Dr Christy Fergusson PhD, MSc, BA Hons, BSC Hons, CPsych a Doctor Of Psychology, Chartered Health Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Expert.  

I am also a published Hay House author, former in-house nutritionist at Womens Health Magazine and the food psychologist from Channel 4's hit show 'Secret Eaters'. 

As creater of The Food Psychologist, I’ve successfully helped countless women take back control of their hormone problems on their terms.  

I am passionate about helping women just like you take the guesswork out of their treatment approach and find natural solutions to their hormone problems. We’ll get to connect more inside Hormone Harmony and you can ask me anything – I’m here for you.  

It’s time to do it differently.

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