Get Results Consultation Package is a customised private coaching programme based on your health test results.  

  If you've already taken action and ordered one of our private medical tests, then I want to honour your commitment to your health. So many people want to change their lives but very few ever take action. If you've already invested in testing, then I know you are committed to transforming your health.  

I created the Get Results Consultation Package to help my clients get the most from the testing process. As part of this programme I will interpret, research and develop a customised treatment protocol for you based on your test results.  



To kick start the programme you will receive three powerful Get Results wellness tools designed to help you understand your health issues deeper.  

These include my Comprehensive Health Check, Discover The Triggers deep dive exercise and a Seven Day Wellness Diary.  

Together these will provide you with an opportunity to explore what is going on for you and provide me with the valuable insights I need to develop your customised treatment programme.


This powerful health assessment will help you pinpoint where your current underlying biochemical imbalances lie, so you can begin to address those specific areas.  

This transformational tool has been especially created by me, to help you achieve a better understanding of your symptoms. This will provide me with valuable insights so I can develop your customised programme.


 Ever wondered how your health issues all began? Have you ever thought to yourself “What has caused this?” Identify what led you to where you are now, with my Discover The Triggers exercise.  

Discover The Triggers will help you discover what events and circumstances could have triggered the onset of your symptoms. This will reveal insights you can’t even imagine.


One of the best ways to create long lasting change is to become mindful on how you're currently living. To help you become more conscious of your daily habits, diet and lifestyle choices you will be invited to complete a 7 day wellness diary.  

This helps you become more accountable and will provide me with important insights into your current diet and lifestyle.

Comprehensive Case History Session with Dr Christy 

  Once you have completed your wellness tools, we will meet online for an indepth case history consultation (60 minutes). During this session we will discuss your current health concerns and goals for testing.  

This is an opportunity for us to investigate what has been going on for you and for me to find out the key information I need to develop a customised treatment protocol.  

Following the session you will receive a copy of the transcript for the session, so you can go back through anything we covered in your own time.


Following the case history session and my consultation with the laboratory, I will develop a customised treatment protocol for you.  

This will include targetted diet, supplement, lifestyle and testing recommendations designed to help you transform your health. This is personalised to you, based on your test results, medical history, current diet, lifestyle and health goals.  

Each customised programme takes time and expertise to develop which is why I only offer this to my private coaching clients.  

 I develop this based on the information in our case history session and your test results.  


Did you know that the foods you eat could be contributing to your current health and weight issues? As part of Get Results you will receive a customised dietary prescription.  

This will be specifically designed for you and will take into consideration any contra-indications with medications, current health conditions and food sensitivities. This will consist of specific recommendations, which will be based on your test results. This also includes an example one-day menu plan.


No more head scratching when you visit the health food store, as part of Get Results you will receive a customised supplement prescription. 

 This will be specifically designed for you and will take into consideration any contra-indications with medications, current health conditions and sensitivities. This will consist of specific supplement recommendations.


Chances are your lifestyle and habits could be playing a role in your current ailments. Together we will identify and overcome what is holding you back.  

As part of Get Results you will receive customised lifestyle and cleansing recommendations. What lifestyle shifts could radically change your health?


If you are on medication, it is vital that you avoid foods and supplements that can be contraindicated. Doctors rarely look at this.  

I have a sophisticated database with all the medications on it, so I can tell if you need additional nutrients that particular medications may be creating a deficiency in, and also which foods and nutrients you need to avoid. This is so vital in your treatment approach and infact can be potentially dangerous, if not done.


You must get to the root cause. Once you have pinpointed the factors which could be contributing to your current health issues you need to start investigating these at a biochemical level.  

The best way to do this is through functional medicine testing. As part of Get Results, I will provide you with detailed recommendations on further tests, which could help to uncover what is going on.

One-to-One Coaching Sessions With Dr Christy  

Once your treatment programme has been developed we will have a follow up one-to-one coaching session (30 minutes). During this session, I will take you through your test results and your treatment protocol.  

Following this session you will receive a transcript of the call along with your comprehensive customised program.

1 Month Email Support

 Also included in this package is 1 month of email support following the session. This will allow you to get any additional support you need once you have received your customised programme.


I created the Get Results package because I want to help you get the most from your test results. This is the best way to receive expert guidance on interpreting your test results and developing a treatment protocol. However, I know that for many people testing alone is substantial investment. This is why I created my Health Testing Membership Site.  

The majority of our tests include assess to our health testing membership site. Here you will be able to access videos and downloads developed by me to help you interpret your results. I created this so that everyone ordering tests from us, would be able to understand what their results mean and take action.  

If cost is an issue, then check out our Health Testing Membership Site. However, if you would prefer to have me analyse your results and develop a treatment strategy for you, please apply for Get Results now and I will be in touch.

Money should of course, should never be an obstacle. If you find yourself saying, “I just can’t afford that”, often that means it is just not a priority to you at the moment and that’s ok.


  • You're a positive and enthusiastic person who enjoys learning new ways to up level their health.  
  • You want to lose weight, improve your mood, digestion, hormones or skin health but are fed up with fad diets. 
  • You want to hit the road running and fast track your success.  
  • You have a burning desire to learn it all now, you want to start changing your life “yesterday”  
  • You are 100% committed to diving in deep, committing to yourself and giving it your all.  
  • You are open to new ways of thinking and have an open mind.  
  • You are willing to make a financial investment in your health.  
  • You believe in the healing power of soul-nourishing nutrition.  
  • You believe that the body never works against us.  
  • You believe that true transformational health care should be customised based on the persons individual biochemical needs.  
  • You believe being healthy and happy isn’t about how your body looks it’s how you feel living in it.
  • You know that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your facing, where you live, the very first step to radically changing your health always starts from within.
  • You hate cooking or preparing your meals. In fact you'd rather order a takeaway or grab a ready meal than make your own dishes.  
  • You're not willing to be kind and compassionate to others when the focus is not on you.  
  • You're prone to being negative, dramatic and blame others for your health, weight and circumstances.  
  • You tend to dabble and rarely stick to anything you start.  
  • Don’t think what you eat or how you live impacts your health.  
  • You're overly critical and cynical when it comes to natural approaches to health.  
  • You're not willing to spend time preparing meals each week.  
  • You're obsessive about what you eat and don't feel the nourish nutrition approach would fit.

Hello, please to meet you.....

I'm Dr Christy Fergusson PhD, MSc, BA Hons, BSC Hons, CPsych a Doctor Of Psychology, Chartered Health Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Expert.  

I am also a published Hay House author, former in-house nutritionist at Womens Health Magazine and the food psychologist from Channel 4's hit show 'Secret Eaters'.  

As creater of The Food Psychologist I’ve successfully helped countless women take back control of their heath on their terms.  

I am passionate about helping women just like you take the guesswork out of their treatment approach and find natural solutions to their health problems. We’ll get to connect more during Empower and you can ask me anything – I’m here for you.  

You can be the health savvy woman you want to be, who is able to show up fully in her life. But you can’t do it following the old conventional medical model.  

It’s time to do it differently.  



Once you click the apply now button you will be directed to short application form which you need to complete.  

Once this has been received, you will be directed to an online scheduler for a quick call with me. Please note I am unable to work with everyone. This initial call is an opportunity for us to see if we are a good fit and if I feel I can help you.  

If we decide to go ahead we will schedule a FREE Women, Wisdom, Wellness Strategy Session. This will provide me with the opportunity to discover what is going on for you together we can assess whether the Get Results is right for you.  

Please note, that I cannot work with everyone however, I will do my best to help you figure out the next best step for you if we decide not to go ahead. 


Still Have A Question? Get In Touch.

We are available to answer all your questions so that you can feel 100% confident Get Results is a good investment for your health and future well-being.  

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email at or chat with us on live chat!