Empower Intensive is a deep dive intensive one-to-one half-day experience with Dr Christy.

Are you ready to take fast action and make a change? This 4 hour intensive day is designed to help the health savvy woman feeling overwhelmed and stuck, transform their relationship with their body fast.  

After this half-day intensive session, you'll not only understand how to transform your health and your relationship with your body, you will also have a customised programme designed to help you get there. 



Prior to our half-day intensive you will receive three powerful Empower wellness tools designed to help you understand your health and body issues deeper. 

These include my Comprehensive Health Check, Discover The Triggers deep dive exercise and a Seven Day Wellness Diary.  

Together these will provide you with an opportunity to explore what is going on for you and provide me with the valuable insights I need to develop your customised treatment programme. 

(I know, I know, nobody likes homework but these really help you and I get a better understanding of what is going on!)

Empower Intensive Session with Dr Christy 

Empower Intensive is a one-to-one coaching session, that takes place over 4 consecutive hours. This can be done virtually (so it doesn't matter where you live in the world all you need is an internet connection). Alternatively, if you live in Scotland, I also offer these sessions from my home in the outskirts of Glasgow. 

This session is similar to three months of coaching rolled into a detailed and comprehensive 4-hour experience.If you have a burning desire to learn it all in one day, want to start transforming your health and body “yesterday”, are ready to start figuring out what is going wrong, re-ignite that spark and create a solid approach for transformation over a 4 hour time frame; Empower Intensive is for you!  

During our Empower Intensive session I will develop a customised treatment protocol for you.  

This will include targetted diet, supplement, lifestyle and testing recommendations designed to help you transform your health. This is personalised to you, based on your medical history, current diet, lifestyle and health goals.  

Each customised programme takes time and expertise to develop which is why I only offer this to my private coaching clients. I develop this based on everything we cover during our Empower Intensive session.


Did you know that the foods you eat could be contributing to your current health and weight issues? As part of Empower you will receive a customised dietary prescription.  

This will be specifically designed for you and will take into consideration any contra-indications with medications, current health conditions and food sensitivities. This also includes an example one-day menu plan.


No more head scratching when you visit the health food store, as part of Empower you will receive a customised supplement prescription.  

 This will be specifically designed for you and will take into consideration any contra-indications with medications, current health conditions and sensitivities. This will consist of specific supplement recommendations.


You must get to the root cause. Once you have pinpointed the factors which could be contributing to your current health issues you need to start investigating these at a biochemical level.  

 The best way to do this is through functional medicine testing. As part of Empower, I will provide you will detailed recommendations about further tests, which could help to uncover what is going on.


Chances are your lifestyle and habits could be playing a role in your current ailments. Together we will identify and overcome what is holding you back.  

As part of Empower you will receive customised lifestyle and cleansing recommendations. What lifestyle shifts could radically change your health?

1 Week Email Support

 Also included in this package is 1 week of email support following the session. This will allow you to get any additional support you need once you have received your customised programme.

Live In Glasgow, Scotland? 

Empower Intensive is available virtually, so no matter where you live in the world all you need is an internet connection and you can take part in Empower. 

However, if you live in Scotland then you may prefer to work with me in person. I also offer Empower Intensive from my home in the outskirts of Glasgow. The session runs from 9.30am to 1.30pm and includes a healthy homemade lunch with me in my kitchen.


  • You're a positive and enthusiastic person who enjoys learning new ways to up level their health.  
  • You want to lose weight, improve your mood, digestion, hormones or skin health but are fed up with fad diets. 
  • You want to hit the road running and fast track your success.  
  • You have a burning desire to learn it all now, you want to start changing your life “yesterday”  
  • You are 100% committed to diving in deep, committing to yourself and giving it your all.  
  • You are open to new ways of thinking and have an open mind.  
  • You are willing to make a financial investment in your health.  
  • You believe in the healing power of soul-nourishing nutrition.  
  • You believe that the body never works against us.  
  • You believe that true transformational health care should be customised based on the persons individual biochemical needs.  
  • You believe being healthy and happy isn’t about how your body looks it’s how you feel living in it.
  • You know that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your facing, where you live, the very first step to radically changing your health always starts from within.
  • You hate cooking or preparing your meals. In fact you'd rather order a takeaway or grab a ready meal than make your own dishes.  
  • You're not willing to be kind and compassionate to others when the focus is not on you.  
  • You're prone to being negative, dramatic and blame others for your health, weight and circumstances.  
  • You tend to dabble and rarely stick to anything you start.  
  • Don’t think what you eat or how you live impacts your health.  
  • You're overly critical and cynical when it comes to natural approaches to health.  
  • You're not willing to spend time preparing meals each week.  
  • You're obsessive about what you eat and don't feel the nourish nutrition approach would fit.

Hello, please to meet you.....

I'm Dr Christy Fergusson PhD, MSc, BA Hons, BSC Hons, CPsych a Doctor Of Psychology, Chartered Health Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Expert.  

I am also a published Hay House author, former in-house nutritionist at Womens Health Magazine and the food psychologist from Channel 4's hit show 'Secret Eaters'.  

As creator of The Food Psychologist I’ve successfully helped countless women take back control of their heath on their terms.  

I am passionate about helping women just like you take the guesswork out of their treatment approach and find natural solutions to their health problems. We’ll get to connect more during Empower and you can ask me anything – I’m here for you.  

You can be the health savvy woman you want to be, who is able to show up fully in her life. But you can’t do it following the old conventional medical model.  

It’s time to do it differently.  



  If you're ready to get started with Empower, then all you need to do is click the buy now button above. Once payment is received you will be able to access the Empower Intensive members only area and be directed to my online scheduler to book in for your session. 

Want To Talk To Me Prior To Booking?

If you would rather talk through your options prior to booking, then schedule a FREE Women, Wisdom, Wellness Strategy Session.

 I offer this session as an opportunity for us to talk prior to committing to coaching so I can answer any questions you may have. I offer the Women, Wisdom, Wellness Strategy Session for FREE because I want to give you an opportunity to discover how coaching could benefit you, without you having to commit to a program upfront.  

 The free strategy session is not a sales pitch but a chance to talk through what is going on for you and I can recommend what I feel could be the next best steps for you. As you will see I am very upfront about my prices and what is included in my packages. I only want to work with clients I can support so if I don't feel I can help you then I will tell you. 


Still Have A Question? Get In Touch.

We are available to answer all your questions so that you can feel 100% confident Empower Intensive is a good investment for your health and future well-being.  

Please don’t hesitate to send us an email at drchristy@thefoodpsychologist.com or chat with us on live chat!