Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP is a tip-top transformational one-to-one extravaganza designed to empower women to overcome their health problems on their terms and re-ignite their spark, so they can rediscover a body and life they love. 

 This transformational 90-day private coaching programme with me, will help you polish that inner and outer shine, transform your relationship with your body and help you support your health and well-being on your terms. If you're ready and committed to truly transforming your health, Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP is for you! 


Are you sick of on going health problems? Do you always feel as if you're swinging from one health hiccup to the next? Have you been struggling with on going health issues for so long you are even getting bored of hearing yourself complain?  

Let me guess, you’ve tried all the miracle concoctions, tinctures and wonder pills and not only are you a few pennies down, you’re also no further forward.  

Do you ever feel like your permanently camped out in the doctors waiting room but all you ever seem to leave with is another quick fix solution and side order of confusion? "Wait! Did he tell me what was wrong?” “What is this medication going to do again?”  

Truth be told your fed up and frustrated. You're not 100% convinced you're getting better. In fact, some days you think you might even be feeling worse!  


You have a niggling feeling there must be something you’re missing. After all isn’t your body designed to be healthy, happy and slim? You begin to wonder “What if I worked with my body instead of against it?”  


Changed their diet, taken some supplements, gone on a detox, found inner peace while ommming at some Buddist retreat, while sipping on wheatgrass. You’re not 100% convinced but you’re pretty sure if they can do it you probably can to (well possibly if you can still have some cake with that green juice).  

You’ve probably done some reading. Sure you know some stuff. You’ve tweaked your diet. You’ve take the odd supplement. You’ve even visited some alternative practitioners. You think there may be something in this natural business. You figure after all surely working with your body must be better than suppressing it with drugs?  

But there is a hitch. A hiccup. A little problem.  

You have no clue where to begin or if you’re really on the right track. You’re confused. A tad overwhelmed and to be honest your starting to doubt whether you have any of this figured out after all. Every book you read contradicts the one before and Mr Google has you in a constant state of information overload. What do you listen to, who can you trust and most importantly what is really going to work!


That confusion and frustration you feel is the very reason I created this program. Why? Because it doesn’t seem so long ago that I felt that way too. Confused, overwhelmed and frustrated. Everyday I woke to more unexplained on going symptoms. I spent years going back and forth to the doctors with my ever expanding laundry list of symptoms.  

...I often joke that as a teenager I collected diagnostic labels the way most teenage girl collected shoes. 

.......endometriosis, acne, dysmenorrhea, acne, food intolerances, menorrhagia, candida, bulimia, migraines, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), anxiety, depression , chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Each of these conditions brought with it an array of unpleasant symptoms.  

I was rattling with prescription pills and getting sicker. I knew there had to be another way.  

My wake up call meant health reboot 101. I began to ask questions, read, research and study. While I was doing this, I stumbled across something that changed my perspective on my body forever. This was HUGE. This discovery transformed my body and my life.  

What this gave me was the opportunity to take back control.  

To finally, understand what was going wrong and gave me a clear step-by-step method for feeling better. I no longer felt confused about my body, out of control or at someone else’s mercy.  

This is what I want for you.  



  • If only someone would tell me what is going wrong
  • If only someone could explain why I feel like this
  • If only someone could tell me how to get to the underlying cause
  • If only someone would just tell me what to eat, what supplements to take and show what I need to do  

You’re fed up of gimmicks. You’re so over the quick fixes & nonsense programmes. You’re ready to stop playing at this and ready to take your health seriously.  

You want, no scratch that, you NEED to start feeling better. You’re missing out on too much now. Life is to short and you don’t want to waste another second of it feeling like this.  

If this sounds familiar, then you are in the right place. The Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP could be just what you need to start figuring out what is going on and transform your health on your terms.  

It’s time for you to address your health problems differently.  

  The old medical model forces us to suppress our symptoms through inhibitory mechanisms instead of supporting the body to rebalance. It is time to set this approach aside so we can embrace a new wave of thinking about our health.  

The old medical model forces us to suppress our symptoms through inhibitory mechanisms instead of supporting the body to rebalance. It is time to set this approach aside so we can embrace a new wave of thinking about our health.  

You must become an active participant so you can overcome your health problems on your terms: more conscious decisions, informed choices, less frustration and overwhelm.  

 It’s time for you to become the CEO of your body  

It’s time to meet your own inner doctor and take back control.  

It’s time to step up, take responsibility and make intelligent and informed decisions about your health. 

Here’s what we’ll be focusing in Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP:  

Learning a new way of thinking about your health problems that puts you back in control of your body. 

How to pinpoint the underlying imbalances causing your symptoms so you know exactly what you're up against.  

Ways to support your body holistically through diet and lifestyle changes.

Creating a customised treatment strategy to address the specific underlying imbalances you are facing.  

This programme is completely customised to you. I want to give you a complete breakdown of everything included in Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP, but first let me properly introduce myself.....  


Hello, please to meet you.....

I'm Dr Christy Fergusson PhD, MSc, BA Hons, BSC Hons, CPsych a Doctor Of Psychology, Chartered Health Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Expert.  

I am also a published Hay House author, former in-house nutritionist at Womens Health Magazine and the food psychologist from Channel 4's hit show 'Secret Eaters'.  

As creator of The Food Psychologist I’ve successfully helped countless women take back control of their health problems on their terms.  

I am passionate about helping women just like you transform their relationship with food by getting kitchen confident. We’ll get to connect more inside the Body Women Wellness and you can ask me anything – I’m here for you. 

You can be the health savvy woman you want to be, who is able to show up fully in her life. But you can’t do it following the old conventional medical model. It’s time to do it differently.  

Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP is is a tip-top transformational one-to-one extravaganza designed to empower women to overcome their health problems on their terms and re-ignite their spark, so they can rediscover a body and life they love.  

This programme is packed to the gunnnels with practical expert guidance and customised coaching designed to help you overcome your health problems on your terms.  

When you sign up to Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP you will have the opportunity to work one to one with me throughou. The entire programme will be customised based on your medical history, biochemical imbalances, symptoms and personal health goals. This coupled with ongoing support and guidance from me will give you the momentum you need.  

If you're ready to become the CEO of your body, meet your inner doctor and take back control of your health, then Body Wisdom Wellness Women VIP is for you.  

Here is a rundown of everything included inside the programme....



To kick start the programme you will receive three powerful Body Wisdom Wellness Women tools designed to help you understand your health issues deeper. 

These include my Comprehensive Health Check, Discover The Triggers deep dive exercise and a Seven Day Wellness Diary. Together these will provide you with an opportunity to explore what is going on for you.  

This will give me the valuable insights I need to develop your customised treatment programme.

Comprehensive Case History Session with Dr Christy  

  Once you have completed and submitted your wellness tools, we will meet online for an indepth case history consultation (60 minutes).  

During this session we will discuss your current health concerns and goals for the programme. This is an opportunity for us to investigate what has been going on for you and for me to find out the key information I need to develop a customised treatment protocol.  

  Following the case history session, I will develop a customised treatment protocol for you to follow throughout programme. This will include targetted diet, supplement, lifestyle and testing recommendations designed to help you transform your health. This is personalised to you, based on your medical history, current diet, lifestyle and health goals.  

Each customised programme takes time and expertise to develop which is why I only offer this to my private coaching clients.  

I develop this based on the information covered in our case history session. We will then adapt and refine this throughout our 90 days together, as part of the Body Wisdom Wellness Women Programme. 

One-to-One Coaching Sessions With Dr Christy 

Throughout the programme we will have fortnightly one-to-one coaching sessions (45 mins) online or in person. These are designed to give you the guidance and coaching you need to take action and transform your health.  

Following each coaching session you will receive a copy of the action steps agreed during the session so you know what to focus on until our next consultation.

Direct Email Access to Me Throughout The Duration Of Programme

Throughout this programme you will have access to my private email inbox, so you can receive ongoing support during the programme.  

 I want to make sure you feel supported throughout the programme. That's why you will be able to contact me directly between sessions with your queries. I want you to achieve success and be there to help you as best I can.

Emergency Calls Included  

Things come up. Sometimes you just need to talk to someone and run it by them. That's why I have included emergency calls (15 mins) with me.  

If something comes up and you want an answer quickly, we can jump on a call for quick chat and figure it out.

Health Test Analysis & Indepth Investigation Of Your Test Results

If you decide to undergo functional medicine testing, you will receive free analysis of your test results throughout the duration of the programme. 

This includes my consultation time with the laboratory to discuss your case and the research and development of any recommendations. 


  • You're a positive and enthusiastic person who enjoys learning new ways to uplevel their health.  
  • Positive and enthusiastic person who enjoys learning new ways to up level their health.  
  • Want to lose weight, improve your mood, digestion, hormones or skin health but are fed up with fad diets. 
  • Are 100% committed to diving in deep, committing to yourself and giving it your all.  
  • Are open to new ways of thinking and have an open mind.
  • Believe in the healing power of soul-nourishing nutrition.
  • Believe that the body never works against us.  
  • Believe that true transformational health care should be customised based on the persons individual biochemical needs.  
  • Believe being healthy & happy isn’t about how your body looks it’s how you feel living in it.  
  • Know that it doesn’t matter who you are, what your facing, where you live, the very first step to radically changing your health always starts from within.  

  • You hate cooking or preparing your meals. In fact you'd rather order a takeaway or grab a ready meal than make your own dishes.  
  • You're not willing to be kind and compassionate to others when the focus is not on you.  
  • You're prone to being negative, dramatic and blame others for your health, weight and circumstances.  
  • You tend to dabble and rarely stick to anything you start.  
  • Don’t think what you eat or how you live impacts your health.  
  • You're overly critical and cynical when it comes to natural approaches to health.  
  • You're not willing to spend time preparing meals each week.  
  • You're obsessive about what you eat and don't feel the nourish nutrition approach would fit.

Live in Glasgow, Scotland?

I created the Body Wisdom Wellness Women for women who are passionate about overcoming their health and body issues on their terms and feel they would benefit from an in depth coaching programme.  

Body Wisdom Wellness Women is available virtually, so no matter where you live in the world all you need is an internet connection and you can take part in the programme.  

However, if you live in Scotland then you may prefer to work with me in person. I also offer the Body Wisdom Wellness Consultations from my home in the outskirts of Glasgow. 

  If you're ready to get started with Body Wisdom Wellness Women, then all you need to do is select which package you are interested in. Once payment is received you will be able to access the Body Wisdom Wellness members only area and be directed to my online scheduler to book in for your case history session.

Want To Talk To Me Prior To Booking?

If you would rather talk through your options prior to booking, then schedule a FREE Women, Wisdom, Wellness Strategy Session.  

 I offer this session as an opportunity for us to talk prior to committing to coaching so I can answer any questions you may have. I offer the Women, Wisdom, Wellness Strategy Session for FREE because I want to give you an opportunity to discover how coaching could benefit you, without you having to commit to a programme upfront.  

 The free strategy session is not a sales pitch but a chance to talk through what is going on for you and I can recommend what I feel could be the next best steps for you. As you will see I am very upfront about my prices and what is included in my packages. I only want to work with clients I can support so if I don't feel I can help you then I will tell you. 

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